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Digital Newspaper Printing in France

Digital Newspaper Printing in France

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Digital printing in France has always been considered as a solution for overseas facilities (La réunion, Corsica,..). For the first time ever, a metropolitan media house is launching its digital operation. Sogemedia,  a leading group of weekly local newspapers publishing 20 titles in Northern France, will be using the KODAK PROSPER 6000C Press starting January 2016 to produce and distribute more relevant content based on a reader’s location.

Facing the trend of a decreasing circulation in the newspaper industry, the decision to reengineer their publishing and printing opened the door to new opportunities for the company by using Kodak’s  technology. UNIC along with Inigraph and Hubert Pedurand served as consultants for the project providing keen insights to the dynamics of new business models associated with regionalized news creation and distribution.

At the printing plant in Avesnes-sur-Helpe, Sogemedia will be using Manroland FoldLine, equipment to complete its digital transition and to ensure consistency throughout the process.  As part of its transformation to a digital news organization, Sogemedia has created a new company, ‘DigitaPrint’ to fully embrace a localized approach to advertising and media as it aims to deliver “one newspaper for each person, one solution for all.” Project partners Le Journal de la Haute Marne, La Semaine de l’Allier and Liberté Hebdo will also benefit from the new press.

Jean Pierre de Kerraoul, President of Sogemedia, said, “We are entering an exciting era of personalized print.  As a news organization we want to be at the forefront of content that is tailored and bespoke to our many audiences. This will also provide huge opportunities for our advertisers as we improve the relevance and price of ad space with the inclusion of micro-zoning of ads and content, as well as shorter runs and the introduction of variable editions related to neighbourhood news.”