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Mountain Dew campaign from The Star, Malaysia

Mountain Dew campaign from The Star, Malaysia

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"The impact was immense, deliver desired response, spikes activity in social media, increases sales numbers, No better way to launch a new product and probably the best medium of advertising. That's how our customer and advertising department described print after our innovative advertising campaign for Mountain Dew", says Mr. Anandan Thangasamy of The Star Malaysia. Anandan was speaking at the ANP 2015 conference in Bangkok. ANP 2015 conference is organised by the ASEAN Newspaper Printers.

The campaign for the Mountain Dew soft drink was done over a 5 day period.

On Day 1, a LED bottle print was pasted in the second page of the Jacket, which was printed separately in a higher gsm paper and inserted manually in the main product. 

On day 2, the logo of The Star was turned to Green to match the color of the Mountain Dew.

On day 3, a neon LED balloon was pasted in the edition and given as a free bee.

On day 4, a glow in the dark ad was printed.

On the last day, a promo ad was printed that offered the soft drink at a lower price.


The campaign was a great success and received appreciation from the advertiser.


" We cannot do business as usual and have to reinvent ourselves " Concluded Anandan