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Newspaper - Printing Plate Edges

Newspaper - Printing Plate Edges

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Hope anyone can give me some tips, on how to get rid of the plate edges on our newspaper?

We do clean the plate gaps, but within the first few copies the plate edges appear again.

Thank you

Fredrik Koch

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Newspaper-Printing Plate Edges

Hi Fredrik,

If plate gap for single page plates (used in a double width machine) is the reason for the edge marks, you can try the following :

1. Regularly check dampening and ink form rollers for developing indentation/scoring mark at the plate gaps. Change as required.

2. Feed enough moisture to stop ink accumulation in between the page gaps.

3. Use a fount that desensitize better, preferrably with acidic pH 4.9 @ 2% dosage.

4. Some plate batches may have developed sharp edge burr during trimming.  Avoid such plate batches.

5. Use panorama (double width) plates, if possible.

Hope this helps.

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