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ISO 12647-3 implementation in newspapers

ISO 12647-3 implementation in newspapers

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"An advertiser expects high and similar quality in all newspapers. Only a standardisation based on an international standard like ISO 12647-3 can do that." said Mr. Anand Srinivasan of WAN-IFRA. Anand was speaking about ISO 12647-3 implementation at the ANP 2015 conference, organised by the ASEAN Newspaper Printers in Bangkok.

Anand introduced the quality standards that are relevant for newspaper industry. They include
1. ISO 12647-3, quality standard for coldset newspaper production
2. ISO 2846-2, standard for coldset inks
3. DIN 19306-4, German standard for newsprint
4. One standard ICC profile for editorial images and advertisement materials - WANIFRAnewspaper26V5.icc

Apart from listing out the standard, Anand also explained briefly the eight step methodology to implement the standard. The methodology includes
1. Procuring quality control tools
2. Standardising raw materials
3. Choosing the right screening technology
4. Standardising plate making
5. Achieving the 26% dot gain
6. Implementing the ICC profile
7. Implementing a foolproof quality control mechanism
8. Benchmarking the quality with global printers through the WAN-IFRA Color Quality Club competition.

"The tricky part in the ISO 12647-3 implementation is convincing the advertisers to use one ICC profile for ads created for newspapers. If all newspapers are together in this it will be easy to convince them" concluded Anand