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Kodak Sonora X-N process-free plate experiences

Kodak Sonora X-N process-free plate experiences

Moritz Schwarz's picture

Dear all,

Kodak started selling the new Sonora X-N plate in autumn 2018. If you already have experience with this new plate i would be very interested to get feedback about PROs and CONs from you. The following issues are of special interest to me:

  1. Dampening in the press (change of conductivity and pH-value?). Is there a problem with plate-dust in the dampening units ...?
  2. Is there a negative impact on the inks in the press because the plate dust ends up in the inks?
  3. How about the run lenth stability of the plates with finer resolutions (150 lpi ...), do you reach 200.000 copies?
  4. Is the imaging speed reduced in the CTP?
  5. Is it possible for the operators to see imaged information (plate position in the press)?
  6. Is plate handling more critical?
  7. Is the overall water consumption less?
  8. How about the durability (lifetime of the plates) in the plates storage and when the plates are imaged?
  9. Are there problems because of special conditions (temperature/humidity) needed in storage or during production?
  10. Is the overall price less/higher compare to earlier plates used?

Please share your experience.

Best regards,

Moritz Schwarz